Next SSX less than five years out

Next January sees the return of SSX, arguably gaming’s most popular snowboarding franchise. But said return is long overdue; the last game, SSX Blur, released back in 2007 on Wii.

EA hopes that the wait for the next game won’t be quite as long, then. As developer EA Canada’s communications boss Duke Indrasigamany told MCV: “We don’t want to wait another five years to bring it out again on PS4 or Xbox 720 or whatever.

“But it depends on when the next consoles are due. I don’t know what Microsoft or Sony are planning, but if SSX is successful there’s a lot of things we could really explore. We don’t want to see this franchise go away for a long time. We want to make another one.”

Part of the challenge the team faces is restoring the franchise is the quiet January month. “It’s been a long time since the last SSX and although there’s a lot of old school fans out there,” Indrasigmany explained, “it’s going to be a challenge to bring it to the current generation of gamers. But we really want to bring this franchise back.

“It’s also hard to say what sort of consumer mindsets and wallets will be saying after Christmas, but we feel January is the time the team needs to get it done at a level of quality EA Sports will be proud of.”

While we’re already drooling at the thought of the new SSX our eyes are welling up at the thought of what a new entry could do on next-generation systems. SSX – as you’ve read – hits Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in January next year.