FIFA 12 sales already at 3.2 million — EA

FIFA 12‘s had quite the start; beating last year’s game’s sales by 23 percent, the EA game has, according to the publisher’s internal estimates, sold around 3.2 million copies worldwide. That’s week one sales only then.

This makes it the most successful launch in EA Sports’ history.

Online play is off impressively as well, with October 1st being the busiest day of online gaming for the division. Out of the 10 million game sessions that took place that day, nearly 8 million were for FIFA 12.

“FIFA 12 is a stunning achievement by our team at EA Canada,” says EA Sports VP Andrew Wilson.

“The massive FIFA online community has overwhelmingly connected to the new live services in the game, including EA SPORTS Football Club, and we intend to keep them engaged all season long as FIFA 12 follows the heartbeat of the football season.”

The first sign of the game’s success came just some days ago as it debuted at the top of the UK’s weekly charts, pushing down Gears of War 3.