Blacklight: Retribution closed beta dated

Zombie Studios and Perfect World want you to shoot people in the face inside a closed beta for their upcoming title, Blacklight: Retribution, before the game launches. All in the name of testing of course. The game is a free-to-play PC based run-and-gun style FPS that pits players head-to-head in frantic multiplayer action.

Phase one of the closed beta begins on October 27 and will run three days to October 30 in order to test the server capabilities, with the next phase running from November 10 until November 13. Players who register for access to the closed beta will be invited to download the game client and join the action in waves, wanting to control the flow of players in order to identify and fix any issues that occur as quickly as possible.

More phases are set to follow, so don’t be glum if an invite doesn’t arrive quickly. But you have to register to be eligible, so go do that here.