Halo movie in 2012 — report

This is one that just won’t go away; after years of rumors (2009, 2010), more talk of Steven Spielberg helming a Halo movie has surfaced.

According to a French press kit for the Halo: Cryptum novel, the legendary movie man and Dreamworks are in the process of making a flick a reality. And soon.

“A film adaptation is set in 2012,” reads a paragraph in the kit (via). “It will be conducted jointly by two heavyweights of American cinema: Steven Spielberg and Dreamworks.”

Chances are this could be a wild mistake on someone’s behalf. Until it’s officially confirmed, we’d recommend not getting too excited, just in case. However, it would not be a total shocker; a year ago, Microsoft’s Frank O’Connor confidently said that “there will be a Halo movie.”