Yakuza: Of the End heads West in Dead Souls

SEGA has announced that Yakuza: Of the End, the zombiefied spin-off of the series that hit Japan earlier this year, will be launching in the US and EU next year under the name Yakuza: Dead Souls.

Much like Yakuza 3 and 4 before it, the game will launch in March. Those who followed the Japanese version will know that this iteration of the franchise didn’t fall in line with predecessors, rather flooding half of the iconic setting of Kamurocho with zombies. Gun play is a big focus in this entry, though there’s still plenty of room for hostess bars and mini-games as well as all the other madness you’re used to finding in this series.

All the DLC release for the Japanese version will be included along with a new mini-game, Pachislot. Keep your eyes peeled next March for this PS3-exclusive, then.