Caspian Border opens for PC BF3 beta; new issues update

DICE is letting participants of the PC beta of Battlefield 3 take the Caspian Border map for another ride. It was available for a short period early last week, and will be again this afternoon for some 64-player stress testing.

Again though, they remind that this is a beta: “*****Please keep in mind that as this is beta we will be stress testing our servers***** As such, users may experience crashes, network instability and outages as we roll out and configure servers and network utilities. Understand that such potential issues and the testing environment are not reflective or indicative of the final product and that, through your participation, you will be helping to ensure future stability and functionality.”

If you need a quick reminder what Caspian Border is all about, see here for a gameplay trailer.

The beta will end on Monday for all participants, across all platforms.

In other BF3 beta news; DICE has given another update on what changes have been implemented into the retail game. Catch the new list on their official blog here.