Square Enix details Army Corps Of Hell for Vita

Japanese publisher Square Enix is having success with a sweep of Western-developed titles such as Deus Ex: Human Revolution at the moment, but it looks like the company will go back to its Eastern routes for one of its first Vita games.

Jem Alexander, marketing manager for Square Enix and former PlayStation staffer has returned to his old stomping grounds on the PlayStation Blog to talk about Army Corps Of Hell, a new action RPG with a dark sense of humor.

The game sees you take control of the King of Hell, looking to reclaim his thrown of darkness with an army of goblin soldiers. As you venture further into hell you fight back demons and take part in mini-games like touch pad rhythm games.  Leveling and crafting systems will help you improve your troops and completing co-op missions against tougher enemies will unlock rarer items.

Army Corps is set to launch in 2012, though no mention of if that will be around Vita’s launch or further along in the year. For now, we’ll put it under ‘promising’.