GSC responds to Stalker 2 always-connected worries

Stalker 2‘s choice of DRM is not yet final, it turns out.

After word getting around over the weekend about the game requiring a constant internet connection due to some game information being loaded from the developer’s servers, GSC Game World has responded with a statement, saying the decision is actually not yet final.

“The idea of implementing DRM came in as a possible anti-piracy solution,” the statement began. “You know the severe level of commercial piracy we have here in ex-USSR region. This said however, there is no firm decision to go for DRM with S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 as of now.

“Be assured, we do realize how uncomfortable this solution is for the players, so we’ll continue looking for most effective, yet acceptable for all, way of protecting the game by the time of its release.”

That’s encouraging, yeah?

The game’s out sometime next year, for PC and consoles.