CCP crowns Dust 514 “the biggest multiplayer FPS”

CCP’s PSN-exclusive MMOFPS, Dust 514 (quite a mouthful, that), has been named as “easily the biggest” multiplayer experience on the market by the developer’s themselves.

Brandon Laurino, Executive Producer at CCP said as much to the PlayStation Blog this week. Talking about the scale of the game, he said: “Right off the bat, we have literally thousands of in-game items built into the system; likewise, in terms of scale, you’re looking at a conflict taking place across thousands of planets, so we’re not just talking a dozen maps – we’re talking an entire universe of planets and areas of engagement within them.

“That’s the difference in scale we’re looking at here, and taking our experience with Eve Online and also, some inspiration found in the best microtransaction based MMOs, social and mobile games, and we’ve set up our workflow so that we can iterate and add new content very quickly.

“In terms of scale, depth and volume of content, Dust 514 will easily be the biggest multiplayer FPS on the market – also by virtue of being an MMOFPS, not just an FPS.”

That gives MAG a run for its money, then. We’re excited by the prospect of this huge FPS, but we really do need to see more on it soon if our interest is going to keep up.