Ninja Gaiden Sigma Vita will incorporate Sigma 3 features

Team Ninja are showing support for PS Vita by bringing Ninja Gaiden Sigma over to the handheld, but it won’t just be a simple port of the game.

Tecmo Koei’s Peter Garza teased VG247 with the news at Eurogamer Expo a few weeks back. “It’s a really interesting time for developers because it’s just pure ideas and games and, ‘what if we do that and what if we do that? Well we can do that, but oh we can do this and oh what about that?’,” he said of the upcoming port.

“And just sort of iterating on different ideas and different control schemes. So we definitely have ideas for what to put into Sigma for Vita. But we’re still testing whatever those are actually fun and how we can make it even more fun and things like that.”

More specifically, it was revealed that the game would incorporate two new play styles that are set to debut in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 3. “One thing I can tell you is that we’re looking at putting in the playstyle selection that we’re doing for Ninja Gaiden 3, the Hero and Ninja playstyle. Bringing that to the PlayStation Vita version of Ninja Gaiden Sigma as well, so again, for people who are new to the series or maybe not used to it on a handheld, we think that’ll be a good point of entry for them.”

It’s a little odd to get a remake of a remake on the system but hopefully the team uses Vita to make this version of Sigma the best one going.