PS Vita games cheaper digitally

Come PlayStation Vita’s launch in Japan later this year and in the west in 2012, there will be two ways to purchase games: a boxed product from a retailer for full price, or a digital version for cheaper.

No examples on western prices yet, though SCEJ’s pricing (via) may give some idea. The boxed version of Uncharted: Golden Abyss will go for ¥5,980 (£49.85) while the downloadable version will be ¥4,900 (£40.85). That’s a nice difference, yes?

Hot Shots Golf 6 has been priced as well: ¥4,980 (£41.50) for boxed, ¥3,980 (£33.18) for digital.

Buying a game through digital means of course means it can’t be traded in, and retail can always lower the boxed games’ pricing a bit to compete, so it’ll be interesting to see how this move plays out.

Any personal preferences?