Frontier’s The Outsider could have been The Bourne Redemption

The world may have missed out on a new Bourne game; Frontier Developments’ The Outsider, currently on hold, of all things, could have been just that.

An anonymous tipster gave Joystiq the scoop, along with a video (below).

Previously funded by Codemasters, the game had been in development for six years (three of which were pre-production). Since Codies started focusing on its core brands, however, Frontier started looking for a new publisher, which could have been EA.

That’s where the idea to ‘Bournify’ The Outsider came about, as EA holds the Bourne license. However, the source says: “It was in mid-2010 when EA were negotiating with Frontier over The Outsider, but they wanted a Bourne game because they own the franchise, and they didn’t want to set up a new brand with The Outsider, it would be a safer bet to do another Bourne game.”

The source further commented: “The game was almost complete, save for final recorded dialogue and cut scenes. The actual game is fully playable from start to finish, and though not fully polished gameplay-wise, it was still looking good and close to being a damn fine cover-based shooter. There were some clever twists with disguises, and how the civilians behaved around you. Some really clever AI (or the illusion of cleverness if you like).

“The Outsider was and still is an original brand. The Bournification of it only would of happened if the EA deal went ahead.”

Whether EA is working on a Bourne title at the time is unknown. Syndicate developer Starbreeze’s take on the franchise was cancelled back in 2010, at which time EA said it and the Ludlum Estate are “still discussing making a game based on the Bourne franchise.” Not a peep since.