Rocksmith pushed back to 2012 for Europe

There will be no rocking in Europe this holiday season. None. It’s all been shut down and cancelled thanks to the delay of Rocksmith on PS3 and 360 (via MCV).

The ‘plug in and play’ music game is still on for its October 18 release in the US, but Ubisoft has had to delay the game in the EU due to licensing woes. Thinking of importing, then? Think again, as the company posted on its Facebook page: “For those of you in Europe who plan to import the game, we want to advise you to do so at your own risk.”

When Rocksmith launches in the US it’ll be available for $79.99 with the cable needed to plug in pretty much any guitar to play the game, or $199.99 if you pick up the bundle including a real Epiphone Les Paul Junior electric guitar. It’s on for PC too, but a release date is unknown.

Hopefully we’ll have word on the game’s EU date soon.