X360, PS3 “creatively limiting” — Halo Anniversary dev

Here’s one developer ready for the next generation; Halo Anniversary studio Saber Interactive sees both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 as “creatively limiting.”

“We’re limited in what we can do right now in terms of games and that comes primarily from the power of the processors,” CEO Matthew Karch said in a recent opinion piece on CVG.

And in case that went over your head: “The best way to put it is it’s kind of like being given a Lego set with 100 block and a set with 1000 – you can do a lot more with the second set. You have more wiggle room and more blocks to make something big and great.”

He gives “real dynamic crowds doing real things” as an example of something that can not be achieved on current-gen consoles. On top of that: “If you can have liquid simulations and better cloth simulations, and instead of rigid body animations have soft body dynamics, flexible joints… think about the type of gameplay that could be created with technology as an enabler.”

All in all, “the next-generation of consoles will do great things,” he’s convinced.