EA Norway send out Battlefield 3 reviewer survey, call it a ‘mistake’

We’re just a few days away from heading into the war zone with Battlefield 3. Review scores will likely be with us in an even shorter length of time, though there’s been a few questions marks over EA Norway’s approach to those reviews.

It’s been revealed that the company sent a survey their way concerning who was reviewing the upcoming shooter. Reading down the list of questions may well raise an eyebrow, so take a look:

  • Did the reviewer personally review BFBC2 or Black Ops?
  • What score did he give it?
  • What is his past experience with Battlefield?
  • Is he a fan of Battlefield?
  • Is he a fan of Call of Duty?
  • Has he been playing BF Franchise? BFBC2? 1943? BF2?
  • Has he expressed enthusiasm or concern for BF3? What are they?
  • Did he play the beta? Did he enjoy it / get frustrated with it?
  • What is his present view on the game?

Since sending the survey EA Norway marketing manager Oliver Sveen has released a statement which reads: “It is a human error that was sent out. We have made a mistake and we apologize. It is not something that should have happened earlier or [that] we intend to continue.”

Yikes, a pretty big error on EA’s part. Will this affect how people view incoming reviews?