Origin at 5 million daily users – EA

EA’s digital gaming service, Origin, is doing pretty darn well according to the company itself. COO Peter Moore has revealed to Screenplay (via) that as many as 5 million gamers are using the service on a day-to-day basis at this point in time.

“Like any piece of software, you launch and continue to polish it, upgrade it, get feedback and make it better. That’s where we are with Origin,” Moore explained.

“We’re only four and a half months in and already over five million people are using it on a daily basis.”

According to Moore, making the service top of the range is one of the publisher’s top priorities: “We’ve got a lot of people in the company that are focused on that. Battlefield 3 will be the first real test of the stability of Origin.”

“And that’s why we did the beta. We’re not afraid. Betas are always risky things because your painting is only half painted, you don’t quite know where it will finish up, but you show people for free before it’s finished and people criticise.”

Once the big guns like Battlefield 3 and The Old Republic hit, we’ll be very interested to take another look at those figures for Origin.