Sony to drop £5 mil on Uncharted 3 advertising

Sony wants you to buy Uncharted 3, this much is obvious. But how much do they want it? Well how does spending a whopping £5 million on UK advertising alone sound? Crazy, right?

Even crazier is the methods that the company will go about said advertising. Along with the standard assortment of poster, TV and online ads, director Ed Zwick of Shakespeare in Love fame has been hired to direct a short documentary about the series. It will feature the likes of Nolan North, Diane Kruger and Michelle Rodriguez and air on Youtube.

“This will be the biggest launch in SCE UK’s history, both in terms of ambition, numbers and spend and will be supported by a marketing budget of around £5 million,” SCE Europe’s Ian Vinten said.

“To really reach that mass audience at launch we will be running a large outdoor campaign with a number of different premium formats including high quality 48-sheets as well as builds across the country.”

Planning on picking it up? Might be helpful if you knew the date – November 1 in the US and a day later in the EU.