Two SOCOM 4 DLC packs announced

Six months after release, SOCOM 4 players are in for two new packs of DLC, Sony’s announced.

First up is some free multiplayer content. Namely, the tactical shooter’s Demolition Mode — where teams go after a bomb with which to destroy their opponent’s base with — is making a return. Four maps are included as well, two of which are from previous entries. The new maps will support several of the existing online modes, with Demolition Mode supporting six or the retail maps as well.

In addition, two weapons and six multiplayer skins can be found in the pack too.

It’ll be out this week with double XP awarded next week.

A second, paid DLC pack is coming as well; The Evac Co-Op pack will launch  early next month for a fiver.

As the name implies, it holds a cooperative mode in which players must find their way to an evacuation point and hold their ground until extraction.

Next to working with the six co-op missions already available, a new Onslaught level will be included as well.

And then there’s the two new weapons and six multiplayer skins, too.