CCP to refocus on EVE, “significant” cuts for World of Darkness

EVE Online house CCP is making some internal changes, it’s announced.

Following the MMO’s dwindling subscriber numbers in recent months, the studio is refocusing its efforts on the space-faring game. It has, by its own admission, been “attempting too many things for a company our size.”

“Developing Eve expansions, Dust 514, and World of Darkness has stretched our resources too thin,” the company states in an open letter on its site.

It’s bread and butter, EVE Online, will be given top priority, while the development of World of Darkness will proceed “with a significantly reduced team.”

“Its concepts are revolutionary. CCP continues to believe that it will alter the landscape of the MMO as significantly as EVE has done but we need more time to continue to develop them before dedicating the substantial resources required to bring this experience to market.”