Gears 3 campaign DLC in time for Christmas

Here’s some rather exciting news from Gears of War camp – Epic are set to release a downloadable campaign expansion to their recent shooter on December 13.

But that’s not the most interesting bit. This isn’t going to be a sequel to Gears 3 or even a prequel. Rather it’s a prequel to the original game that will star characters both old and new.

Titled RAAM’s Shadow, the three-hour plus expansion sees Zeta Squad take on the first game’s villain (General RAAM) while evacuating Ilima City. The comics’ Michael Barrick will lead the squad into battle Lt. Minh Young Kim (Gears 1) and Tai Kaliso (Gears 2) make up the rest of the cast along with newbie Alicia Valera. There’s even going to be the chance to play as RAAM himself (a teaser image here).

Pretty cool, huh? The pack will set you back 1,200 MS points. The Horde Command Pack will also be hitting on November 1, so look out for that if you’re still itching to get your Gears on.