3D video recording, Find Mii 2 coming in 3DS update

One of the cooler features first advertised with the 3DS, 3D video recording, will finally be available in the next system update, Nintendo has revealed.

According to IGN, videos can last up to 10 minutes, with time lapse, stop motion and rapid fire shot features all included.

The Mii Plaza will be benefiting from the update too, allowing users to see where the virtual avatars they’ve picked up on the street originally came from. New puzzles will also be added to the Puzzle Swap game.

Also available is a sequel to Find Mii, the RPG-esque minigame that came pre-loaded onto the 3DS. You’ll only be able to play Find Mii 2 if you’ve beaten the first one. Improvements include a map system and battles with two heroes.

A whole host of small improvements there. With each update the 3DS starts to fill its potential a little more.