Mario Kart 7 deets race in

Mario Kart 7 is just around the corner and – with Retro Studios at the helm – it’s looking to be one of the best entries in the series yet.

Our hopes for the game have only been bolstered by some of the new details that Nintendo released today. Apparently MK7 will feature a Mario Kart Channel that will allow you to send up to twenty ghosts (basically recorded versions of your best laps) to other players a day using Spot Pass. Players can even create their own races of up to 7 ghosts to battle friends even when they’re not actually playing.

Heading online, we’ll be able to create our own groups of players to go from game to game with, and even look back at any Street Pass friends we might have made to race with. It’s a┬ásurprisingly strong social feature set for this one, then. Let’s hope this improves the 3D’s image as a multiplayer device.