New World of Warcraft expansion announced

Quested every quest? Looted all the loot? Levelled up all your levels? Then we’ve got good news; World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria is coming.

Developer Blizzard announced the MMO expansion today at BlizzCon 2011 (where else?). Players will visit the titular continent (Pandaria, not Mists), in an expansion that focuses on the theme of war, presumably more so than previous installments. Senior VP Chris Metzen explained that the Alliance/Horde war will be pushed to new heights.

In terms of classes, there’s the all-new Monk-type, who focuses on martial arts, and the return of the Pandaren race from Warcraft III. The level cap will hit 90 and a new talents will be available as well a Challenge Mode for dungeons and a pet battle mode.

The trailer below reveals a glimpse of the expansion and its new features, which is sure to get WoW-junkies heart rate up to dangerous levels.

No word on when it’ll hit, but this has undoubtedly made the day for many fans who were begging for change.