Next-gen Xbox reveal, launch in 2013 — report

According to a number of sources who’ve spoken with Develop, the successor to the Xbox 360 will not be revealed at next year’s E3 as previously rumored. Processor chip manufacturers and middleware firms alike say the 2013 show is when the full reveal will take place instead, with the new hardware launching later that year or in early 2014 across all main regions.

Develop also understands that Lionhead is working on Fable Next (internal title) that is to launch on the new console. This mixes well with rumors from earlier in the month which claimed a new, next-gen entry in the RPG series is in the works.

Furthermore, Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4 tech is expected to be available sooner than the 2014 window given by code guru Tim Sweeney a while back. Plus, despite denying it, EA is believed to have access to rudimentary ‘Xbox Next’ tech .

Lots of rumors then. Rumors.