True Syndicate remake still possible – EA

Syndicate‘s recent revival and move to the FPS genre may not be popular with everyone, but all hope is not lost for purists.

Speaking to Eurogamer, EA Partners executive producer Jeff Gamon said of the series: “The original was such a classic. There is scope to remake it.”

“But I don’t think it necessarily has to be exactly the same genre,” he added. “If we did there are probably other platforms which are more suitable for it than the consoles we’re making it for, if we wanted to go in that more strategic route, that perspective.”

Could we see an iOS release, then? “There’s loads of potential. We’re not limited at all. But that’s purely speculative at this point.”

For now, the new Starbreeze-developed Syndicate is set to launch in 2012; on February 21 in the US and February 24 in Europe for PS3, 360 and PC.