Mortal Kombat studio wants more crossovers

Developer NetherRealm remains open to the idea of a new Mortal Kombat crossover, series creator Ed Boon has said. Though it appears the franchise’s worshipped gore is a bit of a curse in this case; not many fancy the idea of their lovingly created characters being brutalized the MK way. Go figure.

Even Kratos, who appeared in the latest entry, and has no problems being on the giving end of the stick, almost didn’t make it in.

“The guys at Sony Santa Monica were as protective of Kratos as we are with our characters. At first, they were a little adverse to seeing fatalities performed on Kratos. But once they opened up to that idea, all of our characters certainly have that done on them, they were cool with it,” Boon says.

As for including other characters from other franchises, there are a few dreams floating around.

“We’ve all dreamt with crossing over with Street Fighter or Tekken. Killer Instinct was also one that was coming up since they were an M-rated game as well. But I’ll tell you that we’ve had many, many conversations along those lines.”

He added: “To me, it’d be cool to see other characters from other fighting games, Ken and Ryu from Street Fighter or someone from Tekken would be fun ones as well.”

For now, NetherRealm along with fans will have to settle for just the one VS title, Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe.