SoulCalibur’s character creation options more than doubled in V

SoulCalibur‘s popular character creation feature will be returning in the upcoming SoulCalibur V, and it will have more than doubled in size compared to the last game in the series.

Speaking to the PlayStation Blog, Namco Bandai community manager Rich Bantegui revealed that the options for character creation have increased by as much as 130%. “You can layer details on your character, and even completely change the appearance of items you’ve earned,” he explained. “You can really make your character your own. Even if you and your buddy both used “Pants Type B,” there’s absolutely no way that your pants will look alike.”

How embarrassing it would be to turn up to a fight wearing the same pants as your opponent? Can you imagine!

“The character creator is a great way to reach new fans, too, players who want to expand their creative mindset. According to the development team, we’ve increased the character creation options by 130% percent. We hope to see tons of crazy creations online when SCV hits this January!”

SoulCalibur IV‘s character creation saw some impressive fan mock-ups of popular characters like Kratos and Dante. We’re hoping that the improved feature will allow us to create Adam Jensen, complete with elbow-swords. That probably won’t happen, though.