360’s Jurassic Park delayed in Europe

Want as you might, if you’re in Europe you won’t be going up against Telltale’s dinos this year on your Xbox 360. Jurassic Park for the console has been delayed into 2012.

The PSN, Mac and PC versions will still launch on November 15th in North America though, and hopefully in Europe as well.

Says the studio on its forums (via): “Europe is a big deal to us so we’re working hard to have the game out on PSN in Europe on the same day as here in North America. We’ll be able to confirm that soon hopefully.”

The post goes on to explain the lack of the 360 version: “As for Xbox 360, we are not a European publisher i.e., we don’t have a European office. That means that we need a publishing partner over there to get the game out to you.”

The studio is doing “everything that we can to get it to you as soon as possible,” it’s further noted. An announcement will be made “soon.”