F1 2011 zipping to 3DS on November 25

Codemasters’ racing sim  F1 2011 released in September to warm critical praise for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC, but the title isn’t finished there. The publisher’s announced that a 3DS iteration of the title will arrive later this month, on November 25.

As you’d expect, F1 2011 for the 3DS will make use of the system’s 3D capability, and will also support up to 4-player online races, 60 challenges, and more. For more on the portable racer, check out the just-launched trailer for F1 2011 for the 3DS below.

As for the Vita iteration of F1 2011, there’s no word just yet on when we can expect it. But to hold you over, here’s how it looks in action on Sony’ new portable.