Players to stick with Battlefield 3 post-Modern Warfare — EA

Battlefield 3 is off to a strong start sales-wise, but with the looming juggernaut that is Modern Warfare 3 is just around the corner, are EA worried about losing customers to Activision?

EA executive vice president Patrick Söderlund has no such concerns, telling IGN that the current critical reception will keep Battlefield 3 going over time. “The holiday season is clearly very competitive, as we know,” he said. “We all respect what Call of Duty brings and what they’re going to come with, and I think that we have an industry-leading multiplayer game that will make people want to stay with us, frankly.

“If you look at all the reviews that we’ve gotten, not a single one that I’ve seen has been negative towards the multiplayer. In fact, many state that the multiplayer is the multiplayer experience to have, the best in the world. And if I can continue to harness that and work on improving that and give the consumers more of that, then hopefully they’re going to feel loyal to us and stay.”

“My focus has got to be on our product, and not necessarily on the others. And right now we’re out in the market, and that’s all I know. When they come out, they come out, and I wish them the best of luck. They’re partners in this industry, and I play all their games and I look forward to many of them, and all I can do is try and make sure that people stay interested and want to have more Battlefield.”

BF3‘s first DLC, Back to Karkand, will be hitting next month. Will you be staying with DICE or siding with Infinity Ward come next week?