No beta, demo for Resi Raccoon City

Capcom’s poured water on the recent Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City beta chatter.

As producer Mike Jones told Joystiq at Capcom’s Gamer’s Day event, “we’re nearing a pretty solid beta, which will be out early next year.” Turns out that was just a bit of miscommunication.

The company’s released an official statement, saying there won’t be a beta nor a demo for the title.

“There has been some media coverage this week stating Capcom will run a public beta and release a demo for its upcoming title Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City. Unfortunately this was due to a website misreporting what was said during an interview,” it’s written on Capcom Unity.

There will be Capcom-held community events where players can head to try out the game though. Keep an eye on Unity for those announcements.