Rainbow Six: Patriots takes aim at the shooter crown

Team Rainbow will be back on the scene in 2013 with Rainbow Six: Patriots. They’re targeting terrorists and general evil-doers as usual, but the specially trained squad has another target in its sights – Call of Duty a.k.a. the most successful shooter, like, ever.

Not unusual to hear that a shooter is going after the king’s crown, but that sort of chatter usually comes from EA camp. It’s David Sears dishing out the threats here, though. Ubisoft Montreal’s creative director told OXM: “Rainbow 6 has a long history of innovation and the team has definitely embraced that legacy. Rainbow 6 was once the number one online shooter and we fully intend to reclaim that crown. Our squad-based gameplay and enhanced communication features make Rainbow Six: Patriots unique.”

But who will even be on top by 2013? Will CoD still hold its place or will EA finally break the trend with Battlefield or Medal of Honor? It’s going to be another interesting few years for the shooter market, that’s for sure.