Skyrim updates may overhaul core mechanics; ‘nothing is off the table’

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim‘s post-launch updates may contain more than just new content, director and producer Todd Howard has said.

“We could,” he told Wired when asked if Bethesda could use updates to ‘overhaul the game’s core features and mechanics’. “We don’t want to leave anything off the table.”

That’s refreshing, certainly.

As revealed by community manager Nick Breckon on Neogaf (via), a day-one patch  is already waiting for the game’s worldwide launch this Friday.

Howard also reiterated the studio’s plans to release fewer but more substantial pieces of DLC for the RPG.

“Very quick DLC might sell well, but that’s not our priority.

“We’re not going to be doing a lot of it. Our high-level thinking is that there’ll be not as many [pieces of DLC], but they’ll be bigger and more substantial,” he said. “The goal overall is not necessarily to put out more content, but to make the game better.”