Skyrim’s UK midnight launches give out goods

Those in the UK and antsy enough for an open-world adventure can snag their copies of the The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim at midnight on Thursday.

Game (London Oxford Street) and Gamestation (Birmingham New Street) will be staying open long enough to hold midnight launches for the Bethesda RPG, Eurogamer has word.

There are goods to be had, too. Those among the first 100 in line will walk away with free strategy guides and soundtracks, while the first 250 get a goodie bag, the contents of which go unspecified.

A cosplay contest will also be held, with a winner getting an Xbox 360, an upgrade to Skyrim‘s Collector’s Edition, tees, the strategy guide and soundtrack, plus the goodie bag. Take the car.

Four cosplayers with not quite as convincing outfits get the CE, guide, soundtrack, tees and the bag of goods.