Ubisoft has near-complete control over Assassin’s Creed flick

Despite reaching a deal with Sony, Ubisoft still very much have control over the Assassin’s Creed movie. An insider has told Vulture that the publisher still maintains near-complete control over the project, including budget, scripting, and ever the right to pull the plug on the whole thing.

According to the insider it’s a deal even Spielberg couldn’t get in this day and age, and could result in the film never even getting made. Ubisoft will reportedly be responsible for the majority of the film’s development though. Maybe Sony are sitting back with their feet up somewhere on this one.

It’s all apparently the result of the ho-hum Prince of Persia film, in which both Disney and Ubisoft point fingers at each other, claiming the other had too much control. Thus, the company wants more say in the Creed flick.

Is that a good thing? Should Ubi be left to reign over the film’s production?