Wii U for two? Nintendo working on second tablet support

So far we’ve been led to believe that only one tablet will work with Nintendo’s Wii U system at a time.

According to Develop though, that might soon change. The site cites “a trusted game development executive” in saying that the codebase for the system is being prepped to handle two tablets. Despite Nintendo’s suggestions that the console would only support one tablet, multi-controller support remains a variable in the system’s development along with RAM capacity and processor speed.

Apparently the company is close to solving the issue, though if done it will likely remain at two tablets. We’re highly unlikely to ever see four-tablet support. It was reportedly the critical reaction to the system at E3 that has spurred the interest to bring a second tablet to the mix.

We’ll have to wait until E3 2012 in June to see the final version of the product.