Joe Danger brings Sony and Microsoft closer together, temporarily

While many of us are still waiting for an Excite Bike re-release on current platforms, Joe Danger is the closest thing we have to that being reality. And it’s about to become even better now that the game, which was funded by Sony’s Pub Fund, is making its way to Xbox Live Arcade as a “special edition.”

You’d think that a case like this would end up in court, and cash would be spent right and left. However, this is not that case. In fact, after labeling XBLA as a “slaughterhouse for smaller developers,” Hello Games head man Sean Murray may be seeing a side of Microsoft he’s not seen before.

“There’s been a lot of talk about that in the press lately,” said Murray, referring to Microsoft’s strict rules of publishing games available on other platforms. “I’ve been sat here giggling away to myself, reading enraged comments on stories about how Microsoft insists on all sorts of exclusivities. I can’t speak for everyone, but that hasn’t been our experience. Microsoft has been very open and honest to deal with.”

As for the Pub Fund and Joe Danger, “I can’t really talk about the details of the Pub Fund, but of course this has all been given Sony’s blessing,” explained Murray. “The whole point of the Pub Fund is to take smaller indie studios and create digital publishers. I guess that’s how we see ourselves. We’re often held up as an example success story for Sony’s Pub Fund, and I hope that’s even more true now.”

In the end, Microsoft just can’t say no to an enhanced version of a quality game going by the name of Joe Danger: Special Edition, while Sony’s reputation and the credibility of its Pub Fund find themselves being the “good guys” in this deal. It’s a win-win situation.