Everquest II next up for free-to-play switch

Dave Georgeson, executive producer on EverQuest II, has hit the MMO’s official website with some exciting news; EverQuest II is going free-to-play. To be more precise, the dev names this change “Free to Play. Your way.”

The game itself will be free to download and play. Last year’s EverQuest II: Extended will also be mixed into the main service to provide one simple membership structure. This revolves around the free, silver and gold memberships.

A silver membership will cost 500 station cash rather than the needed 1000 pre-switch. A gold membership consists of a $14.99 monthly subscription. Platinum memberships have been wiped out. Free players will have the usual restrictions like only two character slots and access to only four of the races in the game. The number of these available increases with each tier of membership, which you can see here.

The producer hinted at a host of upcoming updates to compliment this transition. Even with the more of free-to-play games rising, it’s surprising to see a big name like EverQuest II joining them.