Asura’s Wrath gets pre-order bonuses

Capcom’s crazy beat ’em up, Asura’s Wrath, is getting a host of retailer-specific pre-order bonuses for its 2012 launch.

Amazon starts off with two additional gauges that will reduce damage on the titular character and fill the Unlimited Rage Gauge faster. Pre-ordering at Best Buy will net you the Extinguisher and Zealot modes that will help Asura recover faster from overheating and grant a longer lasting Rage Gauge.

Backing away from the in-game content, Gamestop is offering a book that holds within it a comic and art from the game. The comic is meant to be a comical (excuse the pun) look at Asura in everyday situations.

If any of those bonuses stir your interest then make sure to pre-order the game before its North American February 21, 2012 release on PS3 and 360.