Games piracy up 20 percent since 2006

Over a five-year time period, beginning back in 2006, research by Envisional shows that games piracy “has climbed 20 percent since 2006” in the UK, making it the third most pirated medium. Films and TV shows are in the higher numbers, while software and, surprisingly, music are in the lower. Although, with services like Spotify, it may not be that surprising after all.

Envisional also states that, while not specifically naming any of them, “the five top games of 2010” were illegally downloaded almost a million times. Coupled with an earlier claim by UKIE — one that said for every game sold, four will have been pirated, costing the games industry around £1 billion (roughly $1.6 billion) each year — should be reason enough for anyone calling himself/herself a “gamer” to stop doing it.