Saints Row launches with three day-one DLCs

Saints Row: The Third is launching this week, and right out of the gate Steam is offering three DLC packs for the insane-o open-world THQ title (via).

Up for grabs are the Shark Attack Pack, Invincible Pack, and the recently announced Season Pass which nets you three upcoming pieces of content.

If you’re getting them all, be prepared to dish out $25. Details on each below.

Shark Attack Pack
Add to your wardrobe and weapon cache with the Shark Attack Pack. The Shark-O-Matic shoots out a steady stream of slimy fish guts, attracting whatever may lurk under the streets of Steelport. And if that isn’t enough, the Shark Bite Hat allows you to experience the feeling of being caught in the jaws of a great white.

Invincible Pack
More cheats than you’ll know what to do with. Never worry about dying or running out of ammo! Unlock the Get Down Cheat that makes you ultra limber. Super Saints gives you better guns and better health while Ultimate Clip ensures that you’re always ready to fire. Get Infinite Mass for your vehicle plus Super Explosions and you’ll be ready for anything!

Season Pass DLC
The exploits of the Third Street Saints continue! With the Saints Row: The Third Season Pass you gain access to three future mission packs—Genkibowl VII, Gangstas in Space, and The Trouble with Clones—for expanded gameplay with everyone’s favorite street gang. And as a bonus, you gain immediate access to all-new costumes and vehicles from Steelport’s #1 television drama—Nyte Blayde. Strap it on!