New Gears 3 update improves, fixes things

Get those Lancers ready, a new Gears of War 3 title update this way comes. Out today, it’ll have several improvements and fixes on offer. You can go over the full changelog below.

* A spectator mode option has been added to private versus matches for broadcasting by gaming leagues.
– – One player on each team will be able to choose spectator mode during match set up.
– – The matches will be 4v4 with two spectators
* The Leader and Vengeful medals are now easier to acquire.
* The mutators Roadie Comet and Regen Enemies are now easier to acquire.
* Added an option to disable the HUD during multiplayer games for machinima and video creators
* Added a visual indicator of the next ring’s location during the last 10 ring points in KOTH.

Exploit Fixes
* The Onyx Field Engineer medal can no longer be prestiged.
* In Capture the Leader, the overhead Beams on DryDock are no longer accessible.
* While affected by the Smoke Grenade stun, players will no longer be able to take hostages, pick up weapons or revive teammates.

General Fixes
* If there is a host migration during Horde, the match will resume at the same wave.
* Also during Horde, the Combat Engineer ribbon can now be achieved once per wave instead of once per game.
* The Ranked Disconnect stat will no longer increase when quitting a standard Horde or Beast game.
* The cringe from the Mortar will no longer cause players to drop their primary weapon.
* The Hail Mary ribbon is now correctly awarded for long distance Boomshot headshots.
* Maps will no longer be immediately repeated when choosing random map selection.
* If the host pauses during a private versus match the game will continue for other players.
– – The game will still pause in the Campaign, Beast and Horde.
* Potential fix for the rare lost progress issue.
* Potential fix for the rare profile freezing issue.
* Beast leaderboard screen no longer refreshes while sending challenges