Vita pre-order goodies aplenty for Europe

Pre-order bonuses for software are all the rage right now, but Sony are taking it a step further with the PS Vita in Europe.

Starting November 30 punters that lay down early orders for the upcoming handheld will be treated to the choice of two different bonuses. One is a pair of PlayStation-branded earphones, and the other a Vita wallet that can hold three game and memory cards each.

Both pre-orders also come with discount codes forĀ Little Deviants, Super Stardust Delta, Hustle Kings and Escape Plan, along with Home items, a PSN avatar and early access to Frobisher Says… whatever that is. The wallet won’t be available in the UK however.

These little treats are cool, sure, but many are still hoping for packs that bundle in a memory card with the system. Without said card it will be impossible to play certain Vita games, which is, y’know, a bit of a problem.

PS Vita hits PAL and US territories on February 22, 2012.