Why Joe Danger: Special Edition is 360 only

Hello Games boss Sean Murray has addressed the issue of Joe Danger: Special Edition and its Xbox 360 exclusivity.

Why no PSN appearance? “The changes we’ve made – and I think people will understand when they’ve played the Special Edition – change the game in ways that I think would be really weird for us to bring over to PSN. We’ve removed levels we just didn’t like. It might be someone’s favourite level, and it would just disappear,” Murray explained to Eurogamer.

“We’ve made certain things easier and certain things harder. We’ve changed the way certain things unlock. So someone would be half way through and just go, ‘Oh, I thought I had that level unlocked and now it’s locked again.’ It’s impractical to do that. We can’t do that. Most people when they port a game they just do that – it’s literally exactly the same. That went against… I wouldn’t do that. It would be very boring. We took it on as a creative, fun thing to do.”

Joe Danger will reach XBLA soon, with his sequel, Joe Danger: The Movie not far behind.