Developers believed to be working on next-gen projects

There have been signs that a new generation of consoles are coming in the relatively near future, and if certain sources are to be believed, a number of studios are already working on “target boxes” based on a clutter of custom hardware fitted into an unspecified kind of box. Or, in other words, some kind of a next-generation console.

Ubisoft, alongside a number of EA studios, are allegedly hard at work on games that’ll appear on said consoles, which are speculatively hitting stores by the time Santa Claus takes a trip around the world next year. Any details regarding the actual hardware are lacking, but it’s been rumored that AMD will be providing the GPU for Microsoft’s next Xbox.

Meanwhile, over at Sony HQ, sources say an unspecified studio owned by Sony has now ceased development for PlayStation 3 altogether, shifting priorities to the new hardware. Which studio that is went unmentioned, but it would seem it was involved in the development process of the graphics technology housed in Sony’s upcoming console. Taking into consideration SCE’s Kaz Hirai “World Wide Studios” gathering, it could be anyone.

Also, these are rumors. Hopefully true, but still rumors. You know what to do with those…