EU release for Double Fine’s Iron Brigade set

Having released in the US months ago, Double Fine’s Trenched will finally reached PAL territories this month, albeit under a different name, Eurogamer reports.

Iron Brigade, as it’s now named, will release on XBLA on November 30, just under two weeks from now. The new title will be put into effect across all territories thanks to a legal dispute with a similarly named and themed board game. But fear not, this change won’t come without its fair share of new features.

“European players had to wait so long for this game, we wanted to make it up to them with awesome new features,” said project lead Brad Muir.

“We added a brand new, incredibly challenging infinite Survival Mode with ten new pieces of high-powered loot, along with a new leaderboard to track players on this Survival Mission.”

Well it sure took it’s time but we’re more than happy to welcome Iron Brigade over to the EU.