Good Old Games to start pushing (good) new games

CD Projekt’s Good Old Games has developed a strong audience thanks to its retro appeal. The digital store will continue to develop that appeal throughout 2012 and 2013, but the company also seek to grow the business as a whole by adding newer titles onto the store. The aim is for GOG to become the second largest digital distributor out there, behind a certain Valve-owned service.

“Traditionally, has looked for great classics that are three years old or older,” Managing Director Guillaume Rambourg said on the announcement. “We will continue to add classic games, of course, but we are actively working to sign newer titles now. Of course, these new titles will have to come at a new, higher price point, but our key focus will always be on the same core values that have made great so far: completely DRM-free games, flat prices everywhere in the world, and extra content and goodies for our fantastic customers.”

Even in facing the reality that it will never topple Steam, GOG faces stiff competition from the likes of EA’s Origin service. How will this new focus play out for the company?