Guerrilla Games heading back to the Killzone?

It looks like Guerrilla Games could be working on a follow-up to Killzone 3 on top of the new IP that we’ve been promised.

In the current issue of Edge (spotted by Gamerzines), which hits subscribers today, it’s noted that “the bulk of Guerrilla’s staff (is soldiering) on with the next Killzone installment.” Steven Ter Heide, senior producer on both Killzone 2 and 3 is said to be directing the project. Edge goes as far as to name it a “Killzone follow-up”.

Further on in the issue studio recruiter Adrian Smith stated: “we’ve got to continue the Killzone franchise”. Sounds pretty decisive, dunnit?

Killzone 4 could well be a 2012 reveal for Sony, then. We’re still waiting on a look at the upcoming Vita project, too.