Rebellion set to shift its reputation

UK-based Rebellion is a well-known studio by now. Unfortunately, it’s not for releasing critically acclaimed games, but rather the opposite, which is why the studio is taking a deep breath and getting ready to turn its reputation upside down.

“It’s now a deliberate policy to move away from making games that might have been good for business, but not necessarily good for our reputation,” said CEO Jason Kingsley during a recent interview. “You’re only as good as the deal you’re offered. If someone says ‘Can you make me a game in nine months?’ then the answer is, ‘Probably. But it won’t be as good as a game where we’ve had creative input and the time to mature the idea’.”

A quick visit to Metacritic shows the studio’s finest scores came when it released Sniper Elite (76), which is probably why a sequel is on the way. But if you’re used to Metacritic, then you know that so many yellows and reds are never a good sign of anything. Maybe Sniper Elite V2 and upcoming Neverdead can change that around.