Kojima will “probably have to make MGS5”, just not now

Metal Gear Solid 5 confirmed? Not so much.

Hideo Kojima’s interview with the UK edition of the Official PlayStation Magazine has been released, though an announcement of a sequel to MGS4 doesn’t come with it. Rather Kojima suggested that he will likely “have to” make MGS5 some day.

“I think we’ll probably have to make it at some point,” he said, “but what that will be, we have no idea.”

Don’t forget that last year’s MGS: Peace Walker originally contained the prized 5 in its title. Kojima directed that project, but will he be as involved in the real deal? “As far as my involvement in the project is concerned, [it] probably won’t be as much as it was with MGS1 – maybe I can do just one stage!” he said.

“For MGS1 I made the maps myself, laid out the enemy routes myself, did everything hands-on – that level I can’t do again.”

Better settle down, then. Don’t worry though, it’s not like we’re Metal Gear starved at the moment; the HD collection just released and Metal Gear Solid Rising is less than a month away from its reveal.